Inspired by the vision of its greatest leaders, the UAE Badminton Federation is committed to the following Vision, Mission and Core Values.


To inspire generations and to create badminton champions.


We seek to build a badminton community with qualified and trained personnel, to achieve high-level sporting accomplishments.

Our Values

1. Team spirit

2. Professionalism

3. Competitiveness

4. Social responsibility

Our Strategic Objectives

Developing/ strengthening regulations & establishing the governance structure to regulate the sport in the country. Form a strong Technical Official community.

Creating a distinguished local competition structure. Approving, monitoring, and grading events, establishing ranking systems, and hosting international events.

Discovering & nurturing talents and empowering them to compete in tournaments at all levels & attract/retain talent.

Promoting the game in schools, universities, and communities, ensuring the involvement and integration of all segments of society.

Establishing relations with several stakeholders for integrating with local and international sporting institutions, thereby benefitting the sport as a whole.

Creating an investment portfolio and database for investors and government agencies and developing a self-sustainable model for growth.