Academy Affiliation and related Services

Academies are a significant contributor to developing badminton in the country. Therefore, in line with our mission “to inspire generations and to create badminton champions,” UAE Badminton Federation is committed to working hand in hand with academies in the country. As a result, there are several programs we jointly operate through academies throughout the year.

This page shall serve as a primary source of information for badminton academies in the UAE. In addition, we shall soon add additional details regarding the grading of academies based on criteria.

You can access services like requesting NOC to open a new badminton academy/ venue, affiliating the academy with the federation, requesting multiple other services, etc.

1. Application for No Objection Certificate (NOC) - New Badminton Academies/ Venues

Suppose you are an individual/ organization trying to register/renew your badminton academy/ badminton venue in the UAE. In that case, you should obtain an NOC from the UAE Badminton Federation and submit the same to the relevant registrant authority to complete the registration process.

You can request a No Objection Certificate from UAE Badminton Federation using the below link.

Upon receiving the documents and completing the verification and necessary checks for “compliance” and “good standing,” our back-office team shall send the payment invoice and bank details. After receiving the payment, we shall send the NOC document to the registered email address.

Click here to access the NOC Application for New Academies/ Venues

2. Affiliate your academy with UAE Badminton Federation.

Once you have received the Trade License and started legally operating in the UAE, it is time to affiliate your entity with UAE Badminton. Doing this makes the relationship more robust and communication more frequent.

  • It will help us plan for education programs for coaches and administrators.
  • The National Federation (UAE Badminton) can have realistic statistics on the number of venues/courts, coaches, and players on a real-time basis.
  • The Academies will get a club page to portray themselves on the UAE Badminton website.
  • Going further, we intend to establish a grading based on their performance under several matrices, including the information collected from affiliated academies.

How to Affiliate your Academy with UAE Badminton?

Please click the below link to apply. You will need to upload copies of the authorized person’s identification documents and the commercial registration/ trade license during the registration. The details and the documents you share are safely transmitted and stored in encrypted cloud storage, accessible to UAE Badminton admins and used for the intended purpose only.

Click here to access the UAE Badminton Federation - Academy Affiliation Form

3. Request for additional services (Affiliated Academies)

While operating your academy/ badminton venue in the UAE, you might encounter several instances requiring UAE Badminton Federation's assistance.

  • No Objection Certificate to renew your trade license or to recruit coaches.
  • Player transfer or similar approvals.
  • Requests for education/training services for coaches or administrators

Once your affiliation is complete, you can request assistance and other documentation using the below form.

Click here to submit your service requests (Affiliated Academies)