Technical Officials (TOs) form the backbone of the game of Badminton. At Badminton UAE, we are committed to developing and maintaining qualified TOs for the national and circuit events. Having conducted the prestigious BWF Super Series Finals since 2014, we have a very good team of trained Line Judges joining the Certified National Umpires team. 

The coordination of TOs for Badminton UAE is the responsibility of the Events Officer supported by the UAE Technical Officials Group. The Events Officer gets assistance from Regional TO Coordinators who look after the Emirates (one each for Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah/ Northern Emirates) in a larger picture.

Badminton UAE ensures fair and transparent processes of assessment and nomination of TOs for major tournaments.


You can find details of all Technical Officials registered under UAE Badminton from the website in the Membership section. The official registrations must be renewed through the website on a yearly basis.

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The Referee is in overall charge of the tournament competition.  The referee shall ensure that the tournament is conducted in accordance with the Laws of Badminton, the Rules and Regulations of the BWF and any other regulations pertaining to the specific competition. He/she shall ensure that the players are given facilities (including practice) and playing conditions of an adequate standard and safety, approval of the programme of play and practice schedule, ensuring an appropriate transport set up and overall monitoring of matters related to the fair and proper conduct the tournament for the players.

The referee shall also ensure that there is an adequate panel of technical officials of essential ability and appropriate international representation.

UAE Badminton assigns a Tournament Referee for every sanctioned tournament, who will work closely with the tournament organizers to standardize the tournament according to the Laws of Badminton. We are currently is in the process of upgrading / certifying its experienced referees into the Badminton Asia standards to cater to the ever-growing requirements of events in and around UAE.

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The Umpire has authority over a particular match and is in charge of the court and its immediate surrounds. The Umpire ensures the match is conducted in accordance with the Laws of Badminton, the rules and regulations of the BWF and any other regulations pertaining to the specific competition. The umpire makes calls regarding service faults and other player faults or lets. The Umpire keeps the match score which he or she announces after each point. The Umpire also holds a record of any incidents of misconduct and reports them to the referee. The umpire’s jurisdiction shall exist from the time the players enter the court before the match until they leave the court after the match. The Umpire reports to and acts under the authority of the referee.

Badminton UAE has three levels of Umpires starting with the Club Level Umpires, followed by two levels at the Badminton Asia (BA) and two more at the Badminton World Federation (BWF), which are the highest levels of Badminton umpiring. Once the UAE National Certified umpires have gained enough experience and adequate exposure, they shall be promoted/ nominated for Badminton Asia and Badminton World Federation accreditations/ certifications.

Pathway for UAE Badminton Umpires


Pathway for UAE Badminton Umpires, Beyond UAE


Club Level (trained) Umpires

They work closely with Badminton Clubs and playing groups in UAE, and are mentored and trained by the regional TO team. They are often trained during Community Badminton Tournaments and Bronze Level National Events.

Emirate Level (trained) Umpires

Emirate Level (trained) Umpires: - Emirate (Dubai, Abu Dhabi,) level umpires undergo training during UAE Badminton Silver and Gold Events, and they are required to enhance their knowledge of Laws of Badminton and experience before they get a nomination for National Umpire Certification.

UAE National Umpires (certified)

National Umpires’ Certification (NUC) happens every year, the recent one concluded in Aug 2017. You can find the details of Certified UAE National Umpires from the membership page. Umpires who have completed written and practical exams are declared to be on probation for six months.

Upon completion of the prescribed assignments and review of their Record of Work, they will be awarded UAE National Umpire Certification Level One. Based on experience and participation in national events, active Level One Umpires are called for advanced Level Two examination and awarding.

Badminton Asia Accredited Umpire

Badminton Asia Accreditation is the first level of certification for an Umpire under the Continental level. Badminton Asia selects candidates from member associations for the regional courses. Upon successful completion of the course and the written exam, candidates are mentored through practical assessments before they are awarded the accreditation.

Badminton Asia Certificated Umpire

The highest level of officiating at the Continental events, Badminton Asia Certificated Umpires are selected and trained for several years from the pool of accredited Umpires, before they get assessed at a higher level.

BWF Accredited Umpire

The Continental Federation (Badminton Asia) nominates umpires who are at a sufficient level and experience to be assessed to become BWF Accredited or Certificated.

BWF Certificated Umpire

The highest level of umpiring in the world Badminton circuit, BWF Certificated Umpires are trained, mentored and assessed by BWF Umpire assessors after years of experience.

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Line Judges

Club Level Line Judges: - are trained by the Badminton Clubs under the guidance of regional TO team.

UAE National Certified Line Judges: - UAE Badminton is proud to have an wide pool of Certified Line Judges, who were trained during the Dubai World Superseries finals event from 2014.

BWF International Line Judges. Should you wish to be nominated to the BWF panel of line judges, contact us with your UAE Badminton membership details and Record of Work.

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Development of Technical Officials

Badminton UAE has frequent courses at the relevant levels for all TO categories throughout the year. To find the latest dates for the appropriate course please contact the office by filling in the form below:

Should you wish to join the Technical Official team in your region, contact your regional TO coordinator as per the details mentioned earlier.

Code of Conduct

All Technical Officials registered under UAE Badminton are governed by the Code of Conduct outlined by BWF in time to time.

The BWF Technical Officials Code of Conduct, outlines the responsibilities and do’s and don’ts of a registered Technical Official. 

In addition to the BWF Code of Conduct given above, all registered TOs are bound to follow the Technical Officials Social Media policy outlined by BWF Events Committee

Finally, the BWF Code of Ethics defines the most important core values, principles for behaviour and conduct of personnel in the BWF and its affiliates. Being a registered entity under the BWF, UAE Badminton Federation is bound to ensure the Codes of Conduct which describe the types of conduct and behaviour of people performing particular roles in the activities of the BWF are in adherence.

You can download the updated Code of Conduct documents from the BWF website (Chapter 2. Ethics) http://bwfcorporate.com/statutes/