The UAE Badminton Ranking System is designed to track national tournament results progressively; and it will empower players, coaches, parents and other stakeholders to:

  • Obtain a single window feedback of player/ team standing and progress throughout the season.
  • Provide a pathway for player development, goal setting and further enhancement of skills.
  • Discover competitive positioning and measure effectiveness of training delivery.
  • Encourage higher levels of participation and ascertain the importance of maintaining consistency.

1. Definitions

The UAE Badminton Rankings categorize Badminton players/ teams in UAE (holding valid residence visa and Emirates ID) in the order of strength as calculated using points earned by them by playing in ranking tournaments in the UAE. To be eligible to get listed in the Ranking, Players must have valid UAE Badminton Player Membership (UAE Badminton ID).

1.1. UAE Badminton Senior Ranking - a ranking for all National events except Junior tournaments 

1.1.1. Events included in the Senior ranking:

Sl. Event Event detail
1.       MS Men’s Singles
2. MD A Men's Doubles Level A
3. MD B Men’s Doubles Level B
4.       XD Mixed Doubles
5.       WD Women’s Doubles
6.       WS Women’s Singles
7.       MD 40 Men’s Doubles above 40
8.       XD 40 Mixed Doubles above 40
9.       MD 45 Men’s Doubles above 45

1.2. UAE Badminton Junior Ranking - a ranking for all Junior National tournaments. (Players should remain under 19 years of age throughout the calendar year)

1.2.1. Events included in the Junior Ranking

Age Groups Classification Categories Events
Under 9 Boys and Girls Singles and Doubles BS U9, GS U9, BD U9, GD U9
Under 11 Boys and Girls Singles and Doubles BS U11, GS U11, BD U11, GD U11
Under 13 Boys and Girls Singles and Doubles BS U13, GS U13, BD U13, GD U13
Under 15 Boys and Girls Singles and Doubles BS U15, GS U15, BD U15, GD U15
Under 17 Boys and Girls Singles and Doubles BS U17, GS U17, BD U17, GD U17
Under 19 Boys and Girls Singles and Doubles BS U19, GS U19, BD U19, GD U19

1.3. UAE Badminton Team Ranking - a quarterly Club ranking based on the results of National Team Events

1.3.1. Events included in the Team Ranking.

Mandatory Events Optional Events
MS, MD A, MD B, WS, WD, XD, MD 40, MD 45 MS 40, XD 40, XD 45

2. Contributing Tournaments

  1. The rankings are derived from ranking tournaments sanctioned by UAE TTBA (except community events, invitational tournaments, and team events) held during the previous 52-week period.
  2. The 52-week cycle of tournaments start from 1st January 2017.
  3. These tournaments are graded into Gold, Silver and Bronze categories, and the details will be published in the UAE Badminton calendar from time to time.
  4. The number of entries in each event in the ranking tournament must be at least:
    • Eight players per Singles events (MS, WS, BS, GS,) and
    • Eight Pairs per Doubles events (MDA, MDB, WD, XD, MD40, XD40, MD45, BD, GD,).

      If the minimum number of entries are not met in an event, the event will not be included in the UAE Badminton Ranking

3. Key facts about the UAE Badminton Ranking System

  1. Players win ranking points by playing in UAE Badminton sanctioned ranking tournaments
  2. Players are ranked if they have played in one or more sanctioned tournaments in the last 52 weeks (starting 1st Jan 2017)
  3. The ranking includes up to 5 tournaments with the highest points earned over the last 52 weeks.
  4. Players earn ranking points by playing in and winning matches in tournaments.
  5. The higher the level of tournament, the greater the number of ranking points that a player/ team can earn.
  6. The further a player progresses in a competition; the more points are earned.
  7. Players are seeded in national tournaments based on their UAE Badminton Ranking or UAE Badminton Junior Ranking
  8. Ranking points are earned across each age group and grade, with varying point levels (Refer the ranking points matrix below).
  9. Points are scored in the main draw only, no points for qualification rounds (if any).
  10. If two or more players have the same number of ranking points, then the player who played a higher number of tournaments will be ranked higher.
  11. If players/pairs have identical points and have played in an identical number of tournaments, then these players/pairs are ranked equally. For example, if five players are ranked 1 to 5, and there are three players with equal points and an equal number of tournaments in 6th, the ranking would be: 1,2,3,4,5,6,6,6,9,10, etc.

4. Points System

  1. Players/pairs win points according to how far they progress in the draw of a particular event.
  2. If a player/pair:
    • had a bye in the first round and lost in the second round - they receive first round loser's points.
    • had a bye in the first round, won the second round and lost in the third round - they receive third round loser's points.
    • had a walkover in the first round and lost in the second round - they receive second-round loser's points. Walkovers are treated as a win for the player who receives it.
    • had a bye in the first round, walkover in the second round and lost in the third round - they receive third round loser's points
    • retires after a match is started then they are awarded points relevant to the position they have achieved in the draw (except where a bye is received as per the rule above).
  3. Player Progression: Player progression denotes the natural progression of a player from a lower age group to a higher age group as per the age of a player. This is primarily applicable to Junior Players in the age groups U9, U11, U13, U15, U17, and U19 and the same is also applicable for adult players in the “Above 40/45” age groups as well. 
    • When a player moves from a lower age group to higher age group at the beginning of a year, the player loses the points earned in the lower age group in which he/she lost the eligibility to participate due to overage.
    • This system replaces the Carry Over Points (COP) system adopted during the period 2017-2018
    • The ranking points the player might have earned during the previous 52 weeks while playing in the higher age group (while he/she was still in the lower age group), shall not be affected due to the progression.  
  4. In the case of doubles events:
    • Doubles rankings relate to the performance of the individual, not pairs.
    • The points awarded to a doubles pair will be divided equally between the partners, which will determine the Individual Doubles Ranking Points.
    • The sum of the Individual Doubles Ranking Points of the partners will decide the total number of Ranking Points of the Pair.

5. Ranking Matrix

Position Senior National Events Junior National Events
Gold Event Silver Event Bronze Event Gold Event Silver Event Bronze Event
Winner 920 700 500 400 250 170
R/up 780 595 425 340 213 142
3/4 642 490 350 280 175 117
5/8 504 385 275 220 137 92
9/16 360 272 192 152 92 60
17/32 222 167 117 92 55 35
33/64 88 66 46 36 21 13
65/128 43 32 22 17 10 6
129/256 17 13 9 7 4 2
257/512 8 6 4 3 2 1
513/1024 4 3 2.5 2 1 0.5


  • Doubles Rankings
    • Doubles rankings are assigned to individual players, as outlined in 4.4.
  • Team Rankings
    • Details of the Team Rankings shall be published later.

6. Disclaimer

The UAE Badminton Ranking System has made remarkable progress and appreciation ever since its inception in 2017. However, we are constantly on the lookout for better ways to nurture our talents. Should you have any suggestions to improve the system, feel free to write to us.

This page is last updated on the 6th January 2019