The Dubai International Challenge 2019 is a Grade 3 International Badminton Tournament organized by UAE Table Tennis and Badminton Association in cooperation with Dubai Sports Council, hosted at the NAS Sports Complex, Dubai from the 16th to 20th of October 2019.

This is the second edition of the Dubai International Challenge, after the huge success of its first edition in 2018, which had nearly 240 players from 40 countries.

Sanctioned by Badminton Asia and Badminton World Federation, the Dubai International Challenge will have five events viz. Men’s Singles, Men's Doubles, Women’s Singles, Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles. More details about the Tournament are available from Badminton Asia website here or from the UAE Badminton Events Calendar page here. In addition to international players from nearly 41 countries, a good number of UAE based players are taking part in this prestigious event. This page will serve as the primary source of information for this tournament.

We welcome Technical Officials and Badminton enthusiasts based in UAE, to help UAE Badminton in delivering a world class event. Please sign in using the Form below to express your interest and availability. We shall be in touch at the earliest to confirm your participation.

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Dubai International Challenge 2019 Technical Officials’ registration

Tentative Schedule of Play

The below schedule is indicative only and it is subject to change as per the discretion of the Tournament Referee.

Date Day Tentative Start Time Tentative End Time Draw Round Events
16th Oct Wednesday 10:00 19:00 Qualifying   MS/WS/MD
Main R64 MS
17th Oct Thursday 10:00 19:00 Main R32 XD/WS
  R32 MS/WD/MD
18th Oct Friday 14:00 23:00 Main R16 XD/WS/MS/WD/MD
19th Oct Saturday 17:00 22:00 Main SF XD/WS/MS/WD/MD
20th Oct Sunday 17:00 22:00 Main Finals XD/WS/MS/WD/MD

The final schedule will be available via the Tournament Software web page here, after the Team Managers' Meeting on the 15th October, 17:00 hours

Guidelines for UAE based players

1. Introduction

On behalf of UAE Badminton, we wholeheartedly welcome you to second edition of the Dubai International Challenge. We understand that some of you may be playing your first international tournament. Hence, we have prepared this document to keep the UAE based players well informed about the good practices and regulations applicable for international badminton tournaments sanctioned and governed by Badminton Asia (BA) or Badminton World Federation (BWF). The regulations or recommendations mentioned below are derived from BWF documents and other sources, including but not limited to BWF Laws of Badminton, Player’s Code of Conduct and General Competition Regulations, for guiding the players effectively.

Note: Kindly note that the enforcement of regulations in every tournament is up to the discretion of the Tournament Referee and her/his decision will be final and binding.

2. Ensuring Meaningful Participation

If you are a player given an entry for the Dubai International Challenge 2019, you can verify your participation from the M & Q list published by Badminton Asia on the 20th September 2019, from the link below https://www.badmintonasia.org/tournaments/badminton-asia-event-calendars/dubai-international-challenge-2019.

Badminton Asia will conduct the Tournament Draw on the 1st of October 2019 and will publish details on the link below

Dubai International Challenge 2019

The time/schedule for individual matches will be available after the Team Managers’ meeting on 15th October.

Note: It is essential to check the tournament link to keep yourself updated about the match timings

2.1 Entry Fees

As mentioned in the Tournament Prospectus, the entry fees for the tournament are as follows:

Singles: 50$, Doubles & Mixed: 50$ per player/ 100$ per pair

2.2 How to make the Entry Fees payment?

We recommend making the payment as cash at the tournament venue. Kindly note that Credit/ Debit cards are not accepted at the venue.

  • The entry fee must be paid in USD or equivalent AED at the Tournament Help Desk at the venue as cash (no credit card accepted) before the first scheduled match.
  • Converted AED figures for easy reference: USD 50 – AED 185, USD 100 – AED 370 & USD 150 – AED 550

Note: Keep the confirmation (soft copy or a printout) with you while reporting for your first match.

2.3 Withdrawals and Promotions

The last date to withdraw your entry from the tournament without penalty is the 30th of September 2019.

  • Notification of withdrawal(s) with reason must be given immediately to the UAE Table Tennis and Badminton Association via email to [email protected] and must be supported by a medical certificate. The organizers may require documentary evidence to support withdrawals for any other reason.
  • If withdrawal arises after players have arrived at the venue, notification of withdrawal accompanied by supporting documentation must be made IN PERSON to the Referee or Deputy Referee.
  • Players must note that retiring from a match shall not be considered as a withdrawal, however, if a Player has registered for more than one event, by retiring or withdrawing from one event, would mean that the said the Player must be withdrawn from all other Events for which she/he has registered.
  • Besides this, if a Player or pair (not reported as withdrawn) fails to turn up on time for a match, the Referee may declare a ‘no show’ and award the match as a walk over to the opposing Player or pair.
  • Kindly note that for any withdrawal after the 30th of September 2019, there could be a Withdrawal Fee, as outlined in BWF’s General Competition Regulations

Hence, it is critical to adhere to the timings given in the schedule and make sure you report at least one hour before your match. Especially during the first few days, matches would be called on the next available courts, instead of allocating courts in advance. Hence, it is crucial that you report on time and be ready at the “Players Seating Area” and wait for the announcements and instructions from “Marshals.”

How do these affect you as a Player?

As you can see  M & Q list from Badminton Asia Website link above (also Tournament Software website) there are Qualifying Draws for MS, and MD and also there are few players in the MS Reserves list. There could be withdrawals from players even after publication of the Draw, due to several reasons including injuries and travel delays.

The Tournament Referee shall handle the withdrawals and promotions as per the General Competition Regulations Chapter 14. (summary given below)

  • Where Players or pairs withdraw their entry from the Main Draw before the Event has started, the Referee shall fill the vacancies from the entries in the qualifying rounds, with the highest-ranked entry not accepted in the main draw (as described in Regulation 12.5) and which has not yet lost a match in the qualifying draw.
  • If a vacancy arises in the Qualifying Draw, the highest-ranked entry on the Reserves List and available (as described in Regulation 12.5) can be placed in the vacancy. Where more than one vacancy arises, the relevant places shall be filled by drawing lots.

Are you a player whose entry is in the Reserves List?

The organizers shall inform the next eligible Players about their inclusion in the main/qualifying draw. Hence, it is vital that you keep in touch and with the organizers and inform your availability and willingness to play in the case of a Promotion.

2.4 Draw, Timelines and Commitment.

As mentioned above, the Tournament Draw will be conducted by Badminton Asia on the 1st of October 2019, and the same shall be updated on the Tournament Software website.

Team Managers’ Meeting: The Team Managers’ meeting will be at the Tournament venue, on the 15th of October at 5 pm. The Tournament Referee shall preside over the proceedings and shall make withdrawals and promotions as necessary after this meeting. The entry to this meeting is prioritized for teams from abroad and only based on the invitation for UAE representations. We will intimate selected groups based on the number of players entered and will circulate the updates to others as required.

2.5 Location

The tournament venue, NAS Sports Complex is nearly 20-30 minutes away from Dubai city, in Nad Al Sheba.

Note: There is no public transport facility to the venue. Hence, make sure to arrange your transport in advance. It would cost approximately 42-45 AED by Taxi from Dubai World Trade Center to the NAS Sports Complex.

  • The easiest way is via the Dubai-Al Ain Road (E66). Take Exit #9 towards Nad Al Sheba, via road D67 and follow the signs to NAS Sports Complex.
  • Another option is to take Exit #47 from Sh. Zayed Road (E11) towards Abu Dhabi, to Al Meydan Street (D69) and follow the signs to NAS Sports Complex.

We have shown both the routes on the map (DWTC to NAS Sports Complex) given below.

2.6 Entry/ Exit to the venue

Being a private venue, Entry to the NAS Sports Complex is relatively strict and may involve checking the vehicle and passenger identifications. Always carry valid Emirates ID (or similar identification documents) for the players and accompanying personnel and be prepared to present them for verification upon request.

2.7 Reporting for your match, on time.

Players must report to the reception desk, pay their entry fees and wait at the area demarcated as the “Players’ Seating Area.” Subsequent matches will be announced via the Public Address system against the Event and Player names.

For example, a typical match announcement would be like “Next match on Court 5, Men’s Singles, Player A; UAE vs. Player B; Indonesia. Players, please report to the Staging Area.

Moreover, there are “Marshals” who will lead the players to the “Staging Area” where they will join the Technical Officials for verification and clothing compliance check. The players will move along with the Technical Officials to the designated courts once their match is called and assigned to a court.

2.8 Venue Facilities and related concerns

  • Timing: - we suggest you reach the venue at least 1.5 -2 hours in advance on the first day, to get accustomed to the route, NAS Sports Complex location and to complete the Entry check-up.
  • Parking: - ample parking space is available at the There are club cars available to transport players and parents from the parking area to the courts.
  • Catering: – we have arranged catering at the venue through a reputed provider. Players and spectators can buy food from these counters in the Spectators’ area.
  • Field of Play (FOP) access: – entry to the FOP is restricted to players and relevant officials. Kindly follow the instructions from volunteers. We request parents to be at the designated areas to watch your ward’s performance.
  • Changing Facilities and Washrooms: – the venue has adequate facilities for serving the requirements of players and spectators alike.
  • Stringing: – Yonex, the Equipment Partner, will have a dedicated booth for racket stringing throughout the tournament. Players can also avail of good discounts on products on display at the sales counter.
  • Medical Facilities: – Dubai Sports Council have arranged a full fledged medical team for the event will be present at the venue with adequate support in the form of Doctors, Para-medics and Ambulance.

3. Clothing Regulations

We understand that this is an area where the local players require much assistance. Hence, we have given some simplified instructions and examples below.

For further details, please refer to the BWF General Competition Regulations, sections 20-24 available from the BWF Statutes website: - BWF Statutes – GCR

To ensure attractive presentation of Badminton at Tournaments organized or sanctioned by the BWF, all clothing worn by players should be acceptable badminton sports clothing. It is not acceptable to tape over nor to pin on advertising nor in any other way to modify such clothing to comply with advertising or other regulations.

3.1. Color, style, and height of lettering in a player’s clothing.

  • Lettering shall be in capital letters in the Roman alphabet (except as in Regulation 23.5.2), and in one single color contrasting with that of the shirt.
  • If there is a pattern on the back of the shirt, the lettering should be on a contrasting panel.
  • In order that the Player’s name can be seen from a distance for spectators in the stadium and television viewers, lettering must have a minimum height of Six centimeters and a maximum height of Ten cm.
  • The country’s name must have a height of Five centimeters.
  • Lettering should be horizontal, or as close to horizontal as practically possible, and placed near the top of the shirt.

3.2 Name compliance:

The player’s name on the back of clothing should be identical with the name registered as the Last Name (or an abbreviation thereof) in the BWF Player database.

Example: for a player named Chong Wei LEE, the valid display of name on the back of the t-shirt would be as “LEE C W” and the order would be as below.

  • LEE CW - The last name followed by abbreviations
  • MALAYSIA - Country name as per IOC Code
  • Yonex - Sponsor/Advertisement

3.3. Mandatory Clothing regulations applicable to this tournament.

  • Name of player is MANDATORY from the first day of the event.
  • From Quarter Finals onwards, opposing players must wear clothing of significantly different colors from each other. Hence, it is advisable to have two sets of tournament clothing, in different colors, to be on the safe side.
  • Doubles Players: - From Quarter Finals onwards, doubles partners must wear clothing of the same color.

3.4 Sample of acceptable clothing.

4. Fixed Height Service

As per BWF regulation, starting 2019, all Grade 3/ Continental Championships must follow Fixed Height Service (1.15 m) and shall use the BWF approved fixed-height service measuring device.

Hence, players must note that “the whole of the shuttle shall be below 1.15 meters from the surface of the court at the instant of being hit by the server’s racket” as per the Service Law 9.1.6.

How does it help the Service Judge? : - This equipment helps the Service Judge to aptly locate the exact 1.15-meter height at which a player is supposed to hit the shuttle as part of the serve. Should a player hit the shuttle above the 1.15m mark in the equipment during the serve, it is a Service Fault, and the Service Judge shall call a “FAULT” awarding a point to the opponent.

Note: Please also note that when this law is in practice, it is no longer necessary that “the shaft and the racket head of the server’s racket at the instant of hitting the shuttle shall be pointing in a downward direction.”

Fixed Height Service - What does this mean to you as a player?

Tall or short, players are used to serving from their waist height for several years. With the new service rule in place, players must adapt to serving at a fixed height of 1.15 meter. It will be a wise move if a player can identify the point in their body which is precisely at the 1.15m mark and practice serving from that height.

  • If you are player of average height, you won't face much trouble achieving this target. You have to tweak your serve a little bit to always serve at 1.15m.
  • If you are a tall player (which also means that your waist is at a level higher than 1.15m), you might have to bend your knees a little while serving, to keep the shuttle exactly at 1.15 meter at the instant of hitting the shuttle. Now, that requires a bit of practice.

Above picture shows Vladimir Ivanov serving cautiously during their QF at the French Open 2018. Screenshot from match video at the BWF YouTube channel, used for illustration purposes. Video & Image Copyright BWF.

5. Expectations from YOU as a PLAYER (Player’s Responsibilities)

We expect players, parents, coaches and all other stakeholders to consider the Dubai International Challenge 2019 as an excellent opportunity for players based in the UAE, not only from a competition perspective but as a stepping stone to their international playing careers. Hence, the success of the tournament is not just a matter of pride for all of us, but also a responsibility.

Having said that, “being a model competitor on the court” is something that we expect from all players enrolled for this prestigious event. We recommend all players to read and adhere to the BWF Player’s Code of Conduct from the BWF Statutes website link: - Players’ Code of Conduct.

We highly recommend you to: -

  • Arrive early for your match and report on time in acceptable badminton sports clothing.
  • Make sure your clothing is compliant to the regulations mentioned above. Be willing to change to a different color of t-shirt if you are asked to do so, to comply with clothing regulations as in BWF GCR 21.6
  • Behave in an honorable and sportsmanlike manner in and around the court, and its surroundings.
  • Be cheerful, courteous and respectful to the officials, competitors and other personnel.
  • Do not to carry a mobile phone on to the court. (If you happen to have a mobile within your kit, make sure it is switched off). It is an offense if a player’s mobile rings on the court during a match.
  • Follow instructions from Marshals and observe the march-in procedure.
  • Be a model competitor on the court. (e.g., return the shuttle to the server or the service judge with respect, do not waste time between rallies, etc.)
  • Always seek Umpire’s permission before shuttle change, towel breaks, retying shoelaces, etc.
  • Wait for the Umpire’s score announcement before starting of the Service.
  • Do not seek coaching during play except as permitted under the laws.
  • Please do not hit the shuttle recklessly or tamper it to affect its flight or speed.
  • Comply with the Goodwill formalities before, during and after the match including thanking Technical Officials and shaking hand with opposing Players.
  • Follow the march-out procedure, as instructed.

6. Your Rights as a PLAYER (Player’s Rights)

We understand that you may not be fully aware of the rights of a player. If you are in doubt, discuss any such matter with your coach or peers before the tournament. Here are some essential facts to help you keep abreast with Player’s Rights and at the same time, reminding you about a Player’s Responsibilities.

6.1 Before the match

  • Clothing: – if your clothing is not in compliance with the tournament regulations, you will have the option to change to a compliant one (if you have it available) within the stipulated time. If you do not have clothing which is compliant, you may not be restricted from playing, but there could be a penalty as per BWF Statutes, at the discretion of the Tournament Referee.
  • Toss: – as a standard protocol, the Toss will be conducted on the court and the side winning the toss can decide either “to Serve or Receive first” or “to start play at one end of the court or the other.” Remember, the side losing the toss shall exercise the remaining choice.
  • Warm Up Time: - players can have a warm-up of maximum 2 minutes on the court after the toss. The Umpire shall make a note of the time and instruct you accordingly.

6.2 During the match

  • Intervals: - players are entitled to intervals as below.
    • Not exceeding 60 seconds during each game once the leading score reaches 11 points.
    • Not exceeding 120 seconds between first and second game, and between the second and third game (if there is a third game).
  • Coaching: - Coaching is allowed during the above intervals, but make sure you finish the discussion with your coach once the Umpire makes the “Court# 20 Seconds” call to resume play.
  • Shuttle Change: - during the match, if you feel that the shuttlecock is damaged, and it needs to be changed, you can request the same to the Umpire once the rally is over. The Umpire shall decide if the shuttle should be changed. If your opponent asks to change the shuttle, do oblige as well.
  • Change of Ends: - players shall change ends at the end of the first game, at the end of the second game (if there is to be a third game) and in the third game when a side first scores 11 points.
  • Towel Breaks: – up to the discretion of the Umpire, if the play is not unduly held up, a player can request for a quick towel break. Again, it is up to the Umpire to decide whether a break is needed at that moment or later.
  • Injury or any medical assistance: - if you require any assistance from the medical team during the match, feel free to request the Umpire, who in turn will request the same to the Tournament Referee.
  • Seeking Referee assistance: - if you are unhappy about a decision made on the court by an Umpire about a “matter of law,” you can request the intervention of the Tournament Referee. Escalation of this level must be done before the next service is delivered.

6.3 After the match

  • If you happen to have multiple matches on a day (more probable if you are playing multiple events), you are entitled to get One Hour of rest between your matches.
  • The results of the matches of that day will be updated in Tournament Software, as soon as the last match of the day is over.
  • Schedule of next day also will be published closer to the end of a day’s play, both via tournament software and on the notice boards placed at the tournament venue and the official hotel.

6. Offenses and Penalties

Being a BWF sanctioned event, an offense/violation committed by a player during this tournament can invite a penalty, as per the Table of Offenses and Penalties. Some of those offenses are mentioned below. For more details, refer to the Table of Offenses & Penalties from BWF Statutes website


Incidence of Fees


Arriving late for a match resulting in “No Show.”

(Players Code of Conduct 4.2.1)

First incidence

And every subsequent incidence

US$ 250

US$ 500

Not complying with goodwill formalities (PCC 4.2.3)

For every incidence

US$ 250

Failure to comply with clothing regulations (4.2.5)

For every incidence

US$ 250

A Yellow Card in any BWF Sanctioned tournament in a calendar year (Laws of Badminton)

For third Yellow Card

And every subsequent Yellow Card

US$ 500

US$ 250

A Red Card in any BWF Sanctioned tournament

For every Red Card

US$ 500

“No Show” in an Event in a tournament

(Breach of GCR

First incidence

And every subsequent incidence

US$ 500

US$ 1000

 8. Doping Test

The BWF Anti-Doping Regulations apply to this BWF sanctioned event. Players competing in this tournament are subject to in-competition drug testing under BWF Anti-Doping Regulations. Players may be called for giving samples for doping test on a random or targeted mode.

9. Awarding

Players who are in the top 4 must attend the awards ceremony as per the instructions. Awarding will be at the end of the tournament, on the 20th, after completion of all the matches. Total Prize Money of US$ 25,000 (tax-free) will be distributed at the Prize Giving Ceremony, a copy of passport are required for verification purposes.

  Event Champion Runner-Up Semi Finalists Quarter Finalists Last 16
* Men's Singles USD $1875 USD $950 USD $362.5 USD $150 USD $87.50
* Women's Singles USD $1875 USD $950 USD $362.5 USD $150 USD $87.50
** Men's Doubles USD $1975 USD $950 USD $350 USD $181.25 USD $93.75
** Women's Doubles USD $1975 USD $950 USD $350 USD $181.25 USD $93.75
** Mixed Doubles USD $1975 USD $950 USD $350 USD $181.25 USD $93.75

* - Per Player, ** - Per Pair

The organizer will pay the prize money in cash at the prize giving Ceremony to the players/pairs competing in the finals. Medals will be rewarded to all winners & runners-up.

10. Important Personnel and Contact details

Feel free to make use of the below contact details for any genuine matter that requires attention.

  1. Tournament Director: Mr. Jaffer Ebrahim,Email: [email protected], Mobile: +971 55 8990580
  2. Deputy Referee: Mr. Tino Thomas (UAE), Email [email protected], Mobile: +971 50 5198203
  3. Deputy Referee: Mr. Mathew Midhun Mammen (UAE), Email: [email protected], Mobile: +97150 7793463
  4. UAE Badminton DIC 2019 Organizing Committee : Mr. Mathew Varghese (UAE), Mobile: +971 50 6566072/ Mr. Mahmod Taifour: Mobile +971 55 1292827. Email: [email protected]
  5. Tournament Referee:Mr. Rohana De Silva (SRI), Email: [email protected]

11. Liability and Disclaimers

Any participating player should agree to indemnify and not hold the organizing committee accountable for and against any claims for personal injury, monetary loss, death or property damage, in any form, arising out of or in any way resulting from the participation in, postponement or cancellation of the said tournament. The organizer will NOT be responsible for any injury sustained, at any time, by any player or official arising from his/her participation in this tournament. Any costs incurred for medical treatment and/or hospitalization shall be borne by the player/parent/academy concerned.

We Thank You for your participation in this tournament and wish you All the Best. We hope you will enjoy the event and share your wonderful experiences and feedback with us.

Content Copyright © UAE Badminton 2019. Unauthorized copying of contents prohibited. Page last updated: 30/09/2019, 14:45 hrs. Pictures Copyright of respective owners, used for illustration purposes only.