Sports administrators are responsible for carrying out administrative tasks across a wide range of functions within sports clubs and organisations. For instance you could be responsible for organising and scheduling sports events, managing budgets or overseeing the recruitment and training of staff. BWF offers opportunities for the administrators to enhance their knowledge through a comprehensive educational pathway. 


Resources available for national federation administrators include:

  1. Online National Administrators’ Programme – aimed at federations and associations looking to develop the sport in their area.
  2. Face-to-Face National Administrators’ Course (CC-delivered) – aimed at individuals who perform an administrative function in their federation or association.
  3. National Administrators’ Pathway (needs-based) – designed for active administrators from member associations or federations, as identified in the face-to-face programme, including some or all of the following:
    1. Player Pathway Programme (PPP) – short course aimed at building a systematic approach to talent identification and athlete development
    2. Sports Federation Management Programme (SFMP) – short course addressing core strategic and operational areas for administrators
    3. Postgraduate Certificate (PGC) – aimed at high-performing administrators from national federations, Continental Confederations and the BWF.For more information visit the BWF Education website:
    4. To do the free on line course visit